Photo by Langen Studios, Waterloo

Meet KIT from Conestoga River Horseback Adventures in Waterloo. Kit is a direct descendant of Canadian race horse champion, Northern Dancer. Pictured on the left, Jens Langen photographing KIT as Detective Dickson (Brian Otto) stands by for the next shot.

The year is 1891. When the Joseph E. Seagram family of Waterloo is faced with a horse racing incident that could lead to scandal, Detective Dickson of the nearby Berlin Police Department is sent in to solve it. The race is on when the Seagrams hire Nigel Aloysius Stout, an ambitious, young private detective from Toronto. Has Dickson finally met his match or will it all come down to the final clue?

Brian Otto returns to reprise the role of Detective Dickson. This time, he's not only challenged and taunted by the new era forensics of one Nigel Aloysius Stout from the big city of Toronto...but he also has to contend with his ever-precocious niece, Miss Isabel Bruce, who's bent of being a detective like her favourite uncle.

All this and a mysterious horse incident that stretches from the Seagram's stables at Bratton House to the royal mews of the Queen of England.  It's Stout versus Dickson in a race to the finish line where wits and deductive reasoning are pushed to the limits. It's a history meets mystery that you don't want to miss!


Northern Dancer

Tiered seating provides a great view of the play from every seat in the house!


Stephen W. Young

Playwright, Screenwriter, Producer, Director, Actor


5 shows only on the stage at KW Little Theatre on Princess Street in Waterloo.

The theatre is within walking distance of FREE PARKING for all shows.

Playwright, Screenwriter, Producer, Director


Stephen W. Young